Things That Can Help You Immigrate to Canada and Get a Student Visa

Canada is one of the most attractive immigration destinations in the world for being open, progressive, and welcoming to people from the diverse cultural background. Besides, it is one of the safest countries for residing on planet earth for its inhabitants. Canada is a first-world country that offers excellent facilities and opportunities to its residents and citizens. Canada is driven towards attracting educated and skilled individuals who can contribute to the Canadian economy. As most countries in the world closed down immigration, Canada was quick to open up to the immigration of foreign nationals.

In this informative, we shall discuss why you should consider immigrating to Canada and why you would need UIC Canada Immigration.

Why should you Immigrate to Canada?

There are plenty of reasons why people worldwide want to immigrate to Canada. For some, it is education, excellent work opportunities, or a better standard of living. No matter what your reasons for immigrating to Canada are, you will surely get a lot more than you expect and seek. In this section, we will discuss some pointers as to why you should Immigrate to Canada. These pointers are-

• The abundance of job opportunities
Canada is one of the countries with the lowest unemployment rate, with around a million job vacancies. Canada fulfills its labor and skilled labor requirements for Immigrants entering Canada in search of a better career.
According to Statistics Canada, the employment rate in Canada has increased since 2010. The Canadian government relies on Immigrants to boost the economy and generate jobs for Canadian people.
Canada offers many job opportunities in keeping with your qualifications and skill sets. The Canadian government welcomes skilled individuals.

• Quality Education
Canada has around 56% of its population receiving post-secondary education, which is a testament to the top-notch education Canada has in place. Besides education, Canada also encourages internships for students to enhance their knowledge and skills. Canada also has a free public school and mandatory schooling laws to ensure Canadians have access to primary education. Canada also boosts many post-secondary education centers such as colleges and Universities.
Canada is the most preferred education location for international students. But if you are someone coming to Canada with family and kids worried about their education. No need to be worry because Canada has a free public school system and mandatory schooling laws that entitles every Canadian to receive basic education. Apart from these, foreign or non-resident children can study in Canadian schools without a study permit if they have a visitor record or a Canadian entry stamp on their passports. Thus, you do not need to worry about your kid’s education when immigrating to Canada with family and children.

Moreover, Canadian schools boost high-quality faculties and teaching staff and, at the same time, do not burn a hole in the pocket. Most importantly, studying in Canada increases your chances of getting a permanent Canadian residence.

Some other benefits of Immigrating to Canada
• Excellent Healthcare
• Diverse, multicultural population population
• Safety

How would you Immigrate to Canada?

You have to know which immigration pathways apply to you or under which immigration program you have the best chance of qualifying. For instance, more than a visitor visa is required for someone looking to get employed in Canada; you would need a work permit, and so on.

In this section, we will focus on skilled professionals and international students willing to immigrate to Canada, that is, Work permits and Student visas or Study permits.

Work Permit

A work permit is issued by the Canadian government that allows you to work in Canada legally for an enlisted employer. Of course, there are many eligibility criteria laid out by the Canadian government. Some of these eligibilities criteria are as follows-

• Provide proof in the form of bank statements or bank drafts to prove you have sufficient funds to sustain yourself and your family.
• Police statement stating you have no criminal record in your native country
• Work for an eligible employer.
• Provide supporting documents whenever asked by the concerned authority
• Convince the visa officials that you will leave when the work permit expires

Apart from this, many other criteria must be met before you are allowed a work permit.

The processing time for a work permit application is between 8-34 weeks, depending on your nationality.

Student Visa

Student Visa or Study permit is a document that allows international students to receive education in Canada from a DLI (Designated Learning Institute). The best part about these immigration programs is that they boost your chances of obtaining Canadian Permanent Residence. You must meet certain eligibility criteria to qualify for the student visa. These criteria are-

• Present a letter of acceptance from the DLI you have enrolled in
• Provide proof of adequate funds to sustain yourself
• Provide other support documents whenever asked for

On average, the processing time for a student visa application is between 2-16 weeks, depending on the volume of applications received by the visa office. Your application processing could take longer if you apply for a student visa at the beginning of an academic year.

Why Would you Need a UIC Canada Immigration?

It is always easier said than done; similarly, immigration is a complicated and patience-testing process. Besides these, the Canadian Immigration authorities are very particular and stringent about you meeting the rigorous criteria and documentation.

This is where UIC- Universal Immigration Consultancy comes in to help you turn your Canadian dreams into a reality. We have an expert team of immigration consultants who will not only guide you through the immigration processes but also be with you throughout the immigration journey- from preparing a solid case for you/ application, which will be less likely to be turned down/rejected by the visa/immigration officials.

Apart from these, we will also assist you in your documentation process when submitting it to the immigration authorities. We have the reputation of being one of Canada’s top immigration consultants, and being a Regulated Canadian Immigration consultant gives us an edge over others.

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