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You have gone through this too many times. Your business is compelled to pass up on contracts because you do not have the labour pool to deliver. At best, you receive interest from unqualified candidates or your advertisements for skilled workers go unanswered. Maybe you’re registered with a job board and find yourself inundated with applications only to find out that locating a qualified candidate is painstaking. UIC has experienced recruiters who know how to find you the best and brightest top talent from overseas. We have firsthand knowledge on where to source the best international professionals for your business and have a large pool of pre-qualified candidates.

Not sure if foreign worker recruitment is for you? Want to find out what immigration methods your company is eligible for? Book a FREE appointment with UIC to discuss all of your options where you will learn about the various immigration programs, timelines and costs.

When it comes to services such as employee recruitment, UIC is committed to continuous growth and increasing the number of services we offer to clients. Employers and their potential foreign workers must undergo specific processes and meet certain criteria before engaging in employment activities in Canada. ALL foreign workers require a work permit. The type of work permit issued depends on the type of work they are qualified for.

  • Agriculture is dealing with a chronic shortage of labour. There are potential employees available who have experience operating farm equipment, driving trucks, looking after livestock and repairing equipmen
  • Families looking for help caring for their children, elderly parents or grandparents. Services which are almost non-existent in rural areas. We have individuals qualified as caregivers for your family’s specific needs.
  • Industries in Saskatchewan looking to fill high-wage or low-wage positions on a long-term basis. UIC has pre-screened individuals who are willing to commit to your company.
  • All industries in Saskatchewan looking to fill skilled labour positions. If your business needs skilled employees to fill positions on the Designated Trades List, these individuals may be eligible under the Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP).

The Foreign Worker and Immigration Services Act (FWRISA) in Saskatchewan discourages unethical practices and protects foreign workers from exploitation and mistreatment during the recruitment and immigration process. It also brings transparency and accountability to immigration consulting and recruitment services.

The FWRISA helps ensure services to foreign workers are provided ethically. Below are important practices that should be followed when you are obtaining services as foreign workers and employers:

  • The recruiter must take reasonable steps to ensure foreign workers understand the content of the Ethical Conduct Disclosure and Declaration Form and the written contract, before signing. This includes allowing them enough time to get the documents translated into another language or referring the worker to a translator.
  • If you are an employer seeking recruiting services and/or immigration services to your foreign worker, this arrangement must be disclosed in advance to both parties and obtain written consent. Both the employer and the foreign worker must sign separate contracts, each with an itemized list of services and fees. In addition, the foreign worker must not be obligated to use the recruiter’s immigration in order services to be recruited.

Clients must sign a contract that specifies the services to be provided, along with the corresponding fees. All contracts must meet the following requirements:

  • Be written using clear and easily understood language, particularly for someone that does not have English as a first language;
  • State the specific services provided, along with the corresponding fees;
  • Clearly state that charging recruitment fees to foreign workers is prohibited under Saskatchewan law;
  • Advise foreign workers that they can contact the SINP Program Integrity and Legislation Unit if they believe they have paid fees in violation of the FWRISA;
  • Include the phone number, mailing address and email address, as well as the contact information for any affiliate or agent acting on the recruiter’s behalf; and
  • Include a schedule of payments.

Immigration consultants and foreign worker recruiters have a number of legal responsibilities to foreign workers. For example, it is illegal to:

  • Charge foreign workers recruitment fees or costs;
  • Require foreign workers to reimburse their employers for recruitment costs, including fees paid to recruiters and immigration consultants;
  • Threaten deportation or other action without legal cause;
  • Threaten to take action against a foreign worker for making a complaint to a government or law enforcement agency, or by participating in an investigation conducted by these agencies; and
  • Require a foreign worker you are recruiting to purchase other services, such as immigration consulting.


The current list of Licensed Foreign Worker Recruiters identifies all the individuals who are authorized to provide foreign worker recruiting services to foreign nationals coming to Saskatchewan can be found here:
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